Inklusol Website
Inkusol is a non-profit project by Enactus Wuppertal e.V. The goal of the project is to support handicapped poeple in finding a appropriate job.
I created the website, which is managed by a Strapi backend.
Mastering Credits
This is a project I built for a customer. The goal of this Web App is to collect and provide data to give mastering engineers credit for their work. This is achieved by a React-Frontend and a Rest-API.
This neat web application generates colourful gradient meshes, which are downloadable and free to use for any pupose. The UI itself is a plain HTML page and the images are generated on a server and provided via a HTTP-API.
Enjoy an endless amount of Sudokus! This React App uses custom algorithms to generate Sudokus in various difficulties, but always guaranteed solvable. All the code is executed on the client, so you can enjoy a full Sudoku experience completely offline. This project will also be availible as an Android App in the Playstore, packed with Ionic.
Snake Multiplayer
A canvas game, connected to an underlying game server, where you can play Snake with some friends. This project was a fun sideact for me to use Websockets in a real life context.